April 2013 - Code Compliance

Burlington Landlord Convicted and Fined $15,000

April 5, 2013

A representative for the owner of a Burlington rental house appeared in an Ontario Court of Justice for two violations of the Ontario Fire Code. The charges were filed in connection with a Burlington Fire Department response to a house fire in the city in October 2008.

When fire crews were dispatched to the fire in the home just around 10:00 p.m., they found a female occupant and an infant. Both had narrowly escaped with their lives through a main floor bedroom window where a fire had started in the living room.

Crews quickly determined that there were no smoke alarms in the basement of the home and the alarm on the main floor had been intentionally disabled.  At the provincial court, a representative for the homeowner of the property entered a guilty plea for failing to install a smoke alarm in the basement and failing to maintain smoke alarms in operating condition.

The homeowner was fined $15,000, plus a victim’s surcharge fee of $3,750. At the time of the fire, a ticket for $235 was issued to the tenant for intentionally disabling the main floor alarm.