July 2013 - Code Compliance

Public Notice

July 8, 2013


On April 15, 2013 Code Compliance.ca may have inadvertently engaged in a conflict of interest situation while attending the S.D.&G. Landlord Association AGM.

As a result, Code Compliance.ca has since adopted a strict conflict of interest policy to ensure that a similar situation does not occur again in the future.

Code Compliance.ca would like to express a sincere apology to anyone who was affected by this incident.  We would also like to thank Mr. Jamie Gilcig, Editor of Cornwall Free News for promptly bringing this matter to our attention.

To obtain a copy of our conflict of interest policy please email us at info@codecompliance.ca.


Retirement Centre in Orangeville Fined $10,000

July 1, 2013

A Hamilton based owner of a retirement centre in the City of Orangeville plead guilty to 20 Ontario Fire Code violations and fined $10,000.  The charges included failure to maintain smoke alarms in operating condition, failure to ensure a portable fire extinguisher was easily accessible, failure to ensure emergency lighting units were tested monthly and failure to provide commercial cooking equipment with an exhaust system.

Initially the Orangeville Fire Department laid 28 charges against the centre upon inspection; an unprecedented number of charges laid by the Orangeville Fire Department at one address. The inspection was the result of a complaint from a fire suppression crew member that had responded to a medical emergency at the centre.

“It’s the responsibility of building owners to comply with the requirements of the Ontario Fire Code”, says Orangeville Fire Chief.  “By ensuring their buildings are in compliance, lives and property will be saved in the event of a fire.”  The Orangeville Fire Department makes an effort to work with the owners of buildings to achieve compliance with the Ontario Fire Code requirements. Contraventions of the Fire Code are chargeable upon discovery.