December 2013 - Code Compliance

Building Owner Charged with Fire Code Retrofit Violations

December 2, 2013

A Kawartha Lakes apartment building owner was convicted and fined $2,500.00 for not providing proper fire separations in a building.   The charge stems from a fire that occurred on the main floor of the apartment in Lindsay. A rapid response from Kawartha Lakes Fire and Rescue Service, Station 1 in Lindsay limited structural damage from the fire to the area of origin.  The fire started in a lower floor apartment and spread through the open apartment door and into the main exit corridor, which was also interconnected to an apartment on the upper level. The corridor also suffered heat and smoke damage.  Fortunately, the tenants who resided in the upper level apartment were not home the night of the fire.  The amount of heat and smoke that escaped into the stairwell through the open door rendered exiting the upper apartment almost impossible.  The building did not comply with the fire separation requirements of Section 9.5 Retrofit of the Ontario Fire Code.  If the building complied with the applicable retrofit, damage from the fire would have been contained to the apartment where the fire originated.