August 2014 - Code Compliance

Fire Code Inspection vs. Retrofit Inspection….

August 1, 2014

Division B Part 9, the retrofit section of the Ontario Fire Code, was adopted almost 20 years ago under Ontario Regulation 627/92. The retrofit requirements of Part 9 in its adoption provided building owners a period of two years in which to comply with the new requirements. The new Code changes essentially were fire protection upgrades for existing buildings to meet a higher minimum performance requirement for life safety.

Since the early adoption of Division B Part 9, there have been additional amendments to further enhance the changing fire protection and safety requirements of existing buildings.  The most recent being Ontario Regulation 150/13 that now requires Long Term Care & Treatment Facilities to sprinkler their buildings by January 1, 2025.  Care or Retirement Homes must be fully sprinklered by January 1, 2019.

A Fire Code inspection goes beyond the application of Division B Part 9 Retrofit to include the provisions of the entire Ontario Fire Code.  For example, Division B Part 2 provides measures for the safety of persons, the elimination or control of fire hazards, and the maintenance of life safety systems.  Division B Part 6 applies to installation, checking, inspection, testing, maintenance and operation of fire protection equipment and life safety systems.

There are many buildings in existence today that are still not retrofitted.  Typically, these buildings “raise a red flag” during a real estate transaction or when the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) receives a complaint or a request for a building inspection.  Completing a retrofit today to bring a building into compliance can be expensive, not to mention the potential for fines, penalties and legal fees should the AHJ decide to prosecute for contravening the Ontario Fire Code.     

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