February 2015 - Code Compliance

First Alert Zero Waste Stewardship Plan

February 1, 2015

The stewardship plan has been developed by First Alert Canada for a Zero Waste program for smoke, carbon monoxide alarms and/or combination alarms sold in Canada through retail and/or electrical wholesaler channels.

The intent of the program is for EPR: Extended Producer Responsibility which is a product and waste management system in which First Alert Canada– not the consumer or government – takes responsibility for the environmentally safe management of our products when they are no longer useful or discarded.

It creates a safer recycling system and it does not pass the cost of the disposal to the government or the tax payer.

This will be done through a collection system across Canada to collect end-of-life residential-use smoke alarms, carbon monoxide (CO) alarms and combination alarms. The collected alarms will be transported at First Alert Canada’s cost to our facilities for recycling and other ‘greener’ options.

This plan will also outline the communication efforts that will ensure public awareness of the program and give a full explanation to the consumer how to dispose of their old smoke, carbon monoxide alarms and/or combination alarms.

The Zero Waste program will set up a system of depots nationally, that will be within a reasonable location to the majority of consumers. The depots will be set up within national retail locations, electrical distributors and other partners.

Firstalert.ca will have full program information on the website which includes what Zero Waste items are included in the program and how the consumer can return them. A listing of depots will be easily accessible through inputting a consumer’s postal code and a Google map search will occur.