March 2015 - Code Compliance

Kidde Recalls Plastic Valve Disposable Fire Extinguishers Due to Potential Failure to Fully Discharge

March 1, 2015

Kidde or Garrison brand, black plastic Zytel® nylon valve disposable fire extinguishers, manufactured between August 2013 and November 2014. The affected fire extinguishers are white or red in color and are either ABC or BC-rated. The Kidde or Garrison logo and serial number are located on the nameplate. The date code is an ink jet 10-digit number stamped on the side of the cylinder near the bottom. Digits 5-9 of this number convey the day and year of manufacture. Affected units will have the following five digits in a date code:
2013: XXXX20413X through XXXX36513X
2014: XXXX00114X through XXXX28814X

The models are as follows:

Description Model Number UPC Code
Kidde 1A 10BC E110, FULL HOME 110 47871662968
Kidde 1A 10BCW E110, FULL HOME 110 47871661497
Kidde 2A 10BC FX210 47871071708
Garrison 2A 10BC 46-0066-6 47871074044
Garrison 5BC 46-0092-2 47871074020
Kidde 5BC E5,M5C, BC5GD 47871662944
Kidde 5BCW E5, M5C, BC5GD 47871661787
Kidde 10BC ELITE 10, ELITE 10 47871662951
Kidde FC110 E110, FULL HOME 110 47871680290


Hazard: Kidde has identified a quality issue with black plastic Zytel® nylon valve disposable fire extinguishers. In a small number of instances, Kidde found that a supplier built a component that is out-of-specification. When the lever is pressed and released multiple times, the extinguisher may fail to fully discharge as designed.

Remedy: Replace.