July 2015 - Code Compliance

Two Recent Poisonings Prompt Warnings About Propane Coolers

July 1, 2015

Campers are no longer limited to using frozen water. There are a variety of new coolers on the market that work like portable refrigerators. They can run off your car battery, or even propane.

Recent cases of carbon monoxide poisoning has highlighted the danger of using propane coolers, especially in an enclosed area.

An 11-year-boy died near Parry Sound sleeping in the family van while a propane cooler was operating inside. In Burks Falls, a woman died sleeping in a cottage. It’s believed her death was caused by fumes from a propane cooler as well.

The Technical Safety Standards Authority has launched a formal investigation into the two deaths.

There are four different models of propane coolers approved for use in Canada. The coolers approved by the Canadian Standards Association and has several labels that warn to use it in ventilated areas.

The two deaths are a powerful reminder that carbon monoxide is always a danger where there is combustion.

It is important to always make sure propane coolers are operated where it is well ventilated, the manufacturer’s recommendations are followed, the unit is CSA approved and, it has all of the warning labels in place.