October 2015 - Code Compliance

$1,875 fine to tenant after disabling smoke alarms in a Woodstock home…

October 1, 2015

After responding to a blaze in a Woodstock home on July 4th, the Woodstock Fire Prevention Bureau determined that the tenant had disabled the buildings smoke alarms.  During the post-fire inspection, it was determined that there were no working smoke alarms at the time of the fire.

Further investigation led to charges being filed against the tenant. During an October 1st, 2015 court appearance, the tenant pled guilty to disabling a smoke alarm and, failing to notify the landlord that the smoke alarm installed on the basement level was disabled. The tenant received a total fine of $1,500 and a victim fine surcharge totaling $1,875.

The Ontario Fire Code requires working smoke alarms on every floor of a home and outside all sleeping areas.

The owners/landlords are responsible for providing and maintaining smoke alarms, including battery replacement.

The tenants are now also required to notify the owner/landlord of any issue surrounding missing/damaged/non-functioning smoke alarms.