Does your building have an approved fire safety plan?

A fire safety plan is a detailed document designed to deal with all aspects of fire safety relating to a specific building or property.  The document is intended as a reference manual outlining the fire safety practices to be routinely used.

The Fire Protection and Prevention Act 1997 requires building owners to maintain their building in compliance and have an approved fire safety plan. specializes in the development of fire safety plans for all types of building occupancies.

The professionals at can develop a fire safety plan for your building that meets the requirements of the Ontario Fire Code and the local authority having jurisdiction. will first visit your property, conduct an audit of the building, and identify the factors affecting the fire safety within the building. will then process the information to develop a fire safety plan specific to the characteristics and needs of the property that is guaranteed to pass approval by the local authorities.

Fire departments are now being directed by the Ontario Fire Marshal to enforce a “Zero Tolerance Approach” to offenders. Building owners are obligated to ensure their building is in compliance and has an approved fire safety plan. Fire safety is an important responsibility for everyone.  In an effort to prevent fires and minimize the damage from fires when they occur, owners must develop and implement a fire safety plan for their property.

The consequences of poor fire safety practices and lack of emergency planning are serious.  An approved fire safety plan will ensure that the buildings staff and safety features will perform as designed, optimizing the safe evacuation of occupants in a fire emergency.